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Location & Area
Theni is one of the south-western districts of TamilNadu state. It is bounded on the north by Dindigul district, on the east by Madurai district, on the south by portions of Virudunagar district and Idukki district of Kerala state, and on the west by Idukki (Kerala). The district administrative headquarters of this district is location at Theni Allingaram town. It has an area of 2889 Sq.Km. and a population of 10,49,300.

Geography & Physical Features
The district can be divided into two natural divisions. Hilly areas constituted by parts of all the three taluks viz. Periyakulam, Uttamapalaiyam and Andipatti with thick vegetation and perennial stream from the hills on the western side, and another one is Cumbum valley which lies in Uttamapalayam taluks. The district lies at the foot for western ghat and is diversified by several ranges and hills. A range of hills which runs parallel to western ghats from north to south separate the district from neighbouring state Kerala.
The main occupation of the inhabitants is Agriculture as Periyar water flows along with the Mullai river through this district and it finally reaches the Dam called Vaigai. Cotton, Mangoes and Bannana and Sugarcane are main crops in this area.
In the hilly areas of the district i.e. Uttamapalaiyam, Periyakulam etc.crops like fruits, vegetables and flowers are grown, which are supplied to other district in the state and also to some northern states. Paddy is cultivated twice in a year.The normal seasons for cultivation of paddy are June-August and September-December.During these seasons short and long term crops are sown. Dung, leaf manure, tank silt, and Oil Cake besides chemical fertilizers, are the important manures used in the district.Cumbu and groundnuts are also cultivated. Ragi, which is the staple food of the poorest class, is mostly grown as crops like paddy. Cotton is also sown in rainfed and irrigated areas. Plantain are commonly grown in almost all of the taluks. Oranges, limes, mangoes and grapes are grown in Periyakulam. Tea, coffee and cardamoms are other main products.


Cardamom of commerce is the dried ripe fruit (capsules of cardamom plant) often referred as the “Queen of Spices” because of its very pleasant aroma and taste.

Yellow Maize

Maize or corn is a cereal crop that is grown widely throughout the world in a range of agroecological environments.maize is produced annually than any other grain.

Cloves Spices

Cloves are small nailed shaped flower buds that are dried. They have a sweet, somewhat penetrating flavor. Cloves can be bought whole or ground.